Check your AdWords performance

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Not sure how much of your money is worthwhile in Google AdWords?

Discover it in 15 seconds. Thanks to a patented algorithm, PPCPM will constantly monitor your AdWords account giving you clear & easy Key Performance Indicators for your Search, Display or Shopping campaigns and suggesting directly applicable and specific optimization tips.

A lot of questions, but no answers?

You will easily answer these in few moments:

  • Am I choosing the right keywords, placements or shopping items?
  • Am I organizing my campaigns the right way to have the lowest Cost Per Click?
  • Am I setting the right CPCs & budgets?
  • Am I using all known best practices to better my account performance?

How all this works?

PPCPM will need access to your AdWords account to start monitor your campaigns for:

  • Efficiency (spending on top quality scored keywords, placements & shopping items)
  • Effectiveness (spending on converting items)
  • Coverage (gathering all possible impressions for converting items)

Look at this infographic detailing the process.